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Podiatry is the management of diseases and disorders of the lower limb. Podiatrists treat a host of conditions incoporating techniques to manage and relieve foot condition, prolongmobility and improve quality of life. Whether it is the reduction of a painful corn, the removal of an ingrown nail, the correction of a biomechanical dysfunction that may affect a person’s posture or simply good advice to help keep feet and limbs healthy, podiatry is the answer.

The Podiatry Experience (30-45 mins)

A medicinal and therapeutic treatment comprising of a relaxing foot soak. The identification of problematic areas and the formulation of a treatment plan to tackle and manage problems such as calluses, corns, verrucas and nails etc, coupled with general foot health advice. finishing with an invigorating lower leg massage.

Neurovascular Assessment (60 mins)

The feet can mirror your general health; conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease as well as a host of neurological and circulatory disorders can show initial symptoms in the feet. These conditions can also impair the nerve and blood supply in the feet.

If required, a full report of the findings and an onward referral letter to the GP is sent.

Biomechanical Assessment (60 mins)

Structural problems affecting the feet can not only cause pain and discomfort on walking and during exercise, but can also be a contributing factor to postural problems which can lead to pain in the lower back, shoulders and neck.

This treatment involved examination of the gait (walking) cycle. Any deviation in this cycle can lead to a variety of problems such as overbearing of joints and muscles leading to callous/ corn formation, flat feet, knee, heel and ankle pain etc. The lower limb is examined for its range of motion via a series of tests and examinations. These results are evaluated to formulate a suitable treatment plan which may consist of footwear and footcare advice. Bespoke insoles or orthotics may also be prescribed in order to improve foot function and relieve pain.

Nail Surgery

A surgical procedure carried out under local anaesthesia to remedy patients suffering from problematic or ingrown toenails.

Full postoperative care and advice following surgery is provided.





Dry Needling for Verrucaes 

surgical procedure carried out under local anaesthesia to remedy patients suffering from long standing persistent verrucae.

Full postoperative care and advice following surgery is provided.

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Mr Lokat’s friendly and professional manner puts you at ease and he explains everything so that I understood what was happening to   my feet and why the treatment was being given.

Sarah Hadfield

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for all your help in treating the pain in my heel it made my life a nightmare. Inserts in my shoes, what nonsense I thought! How wrong was I, thanks Abid, now I’m pain free!!

Stephen Sitkowski

The staff and residents at Asra House would like to say thank you Abid for looking after our feet so well. Your kind, caring approach to patient care is very much appreciated by us all.

Mrs H Hirani (Care Home Manager)